First Birthday

The first birthday! This is something ALL new mothers obsess about from the minute they are pregnant. I am not sure why exactly, because the baby has no idea and can barely eat whatever you will likely serve, but it’s just a big deal. OK?


Thanks to Instagram and all the amazing mummy bloggers and boutique baby businesses I follow, my obsession was with getting him a Tepee and over-sized helium balloon shaped like a 1. While I managed the balloon,  I also dreamed of pale blue cupcakes, each adorned with little 3D teddy bears, trains and other sweet boy things. BUT, Jacks birthday happened to fall over the 6 Nations…and therefore, my husband ‘won’ Check this crazy out:(sigh)

FullSizeRender The day was a surprisingly huge success. Surprising because every single one of my relatives asked to join in. I had no idea anyone would want to spend a day at a first birthday. But they all came, bearing thoughtful gifts. Of course it helped we booked a pub, which over-looks Windsor Castle AND the sun came out to play (which in England, is miraculous for 13 March)


Here he is, like a little prince at the head of the table while my beautiful family and friends tucked into their roast lunch with bubbles. Jack did smash his chocolate cupcake into his face, hair and Robbies shirt – which, if  you ask me, is essential on a 1st birthday.




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