A few of Jacks favourite things

Once in a while I like to look through pics from my Instagram account (amymediamogulmum) and make a blog post for the top things that make Jack (or me) happy.

#1 The frog plate. He loves it. I love it. Winning all around. (except he smashed it onto the floor and chipped it)

frog plate

His beautiful hot air balloon mobile from Flenstedmobiles which makes the most stunning shadows on the wall


The wobble-based wooden ring stacker! The base is slightly curved so if they knock it gently it stays up-right. From thelittlebabycompanyIMG_2303

His ‘make a wish’ cushion from H&M and the stunning hand-painted wooden maraca from crafts4kids. I love that it has seeds inside and not plastic beads. The sound is so pretty and almost soothing. (star pants from H&M)


Little noisy string hand-held drum and shaker (yes we are trying to make a band) both ToyRus (white polar bear from The White Company)




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