Jack Style

It’s been a while since we did a baby style post. Which is great because I have a few gorgeous ones to share of newly discovered boutique baby stores. (this is an addiction)

Here is little Jack, 10 months old. Full head of shiny hair and a little belly – could he be more perfect 😉 The beautiful shirt (igloo) was unfortunately destroyed in my washing machine (I actually cried when I saw the torn sleeve) but the Badger pants make up for it! From Tobias and The Bear which has an utterly drool-worthy selection of high quality animal print legginds. Meet ‘Boris the Badger’ 🙂

FullSizeRender (19)

Looking at these two images taken on different days, I realise my child has a ‘pose’ What a natural! These utterly beautiful super-silky soft (you cannot help rub them on your cheeks) feather-print leggings from Lindex are a must have item. They were a gift from health and fitness blogger over at livs larder (worth a visit!!) I put closed-foot leggings underneath to keep his feet warm.


This pic angle was an accident but totally works!!! Long sleeve shirt, house-print strides and shoes – Zara. I know he doesn’t NEED the shoes, any walking is done inside on carpets, BUT, they are cute and lets be honest, we buy them for us not them!


Had to zoom on on these gorgeous little suede shoes – will do a post on his first real outing in them!





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