Babies eat wrapping paper

Anyone with a child under 1 will empathise. Your child’s first Christmas is hugely exciting….for you.

You rush about buying awesome presents which you wrap up in sparkly paper tied with red ribbons. You buy extra-cute tree decorations with wobbly eyes. You order a custom stocking online and stuff it with robots and floating bath boats. You frantically rush about the house covering everything in gold tinsel and mini snowmen. You buy four portions of Ella’s Kitchen Roast Dinner.


The bottom line is, they don’t get it, they don’t care, they don’t appreciate.

Children only reallllllly grasp Christmas at about age 5 or 6. And by that stage, Santa gets all the credit anyway.

Jack ate wrapping paper, chose old toys over new toys, threw-up Ella’s kitchen Christmas Dinner and refused to wear a Christmas hat or antlers. Oh, and managed to pull our tree over.


That said, I enjoyed every single minute. Imagining it through his eyes; the lights, colours and piles of eager relatives fighting for his smiles. It was by far the best Christmas yet.

(below pic showing total rejection of new toys while playing with the handle on his chest of drawers *giggle*)


Merry belated Christmas everyone 🙂


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