Inner Child

One very powerful thing I have realised since having Jack is how a baby re-ignites your inner child.

Everything is ‘normal’ until you read a particular nursery rhyme, or smell one of your childhood books, or get a waft of play-dough. When you put on funny character voices or dance like a monkey from The Jungle Book to make him laugh. When you see his face light up over the discovery of a simple yellow leaf and you stop to make a huge fuss because you realise the gravity of this one single yellow leaf in his world.

It is as if this entire section of your placid adult brain explodes into rainbows and glitter balls.

When you watch your child eat a new flavour for the first time and giggle as his entire body wriggles in shock. Or when you place his tiny soft feet onto beach sand and see horror followed by glee in the same split second.

It forces you to think ‘imagine feeling the ocean washing over your feet for the first time?!’ Incredible! And you take this little journey with them which is utterly magical.



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