Saying Goodbye to your old self

Feeling like yourself again is something you think about from the minute you discover you are pregnant. The moment you see that first scan your body is a life support machine, no longer yours to do as you wish. No more wine or spicy food, soft cheese or sushi. No more long days out shopping carrying heavy bags. No more high heels.

As time passes and your body changes, sometimes in a beautiful way (the amazing first curve of your belly, the powerful boost of energy in the second trimester) and sometimes scary (leg rash! popping-out belly-button!!! back pain!) The further along you get, the farther away you are from yourself.

Jack is now 7 and a half months and I am fitting into (some) pre-baby clothes (thank you Spanx) but I am starting to feel lighter inside and out. Of course I will never be the same. I will never feel, look or think the same as I did pre-baby. And the best part is realising that is OK. That is what is meant to happen. But that acceptance takes longer than the body takes to heal.

Sometimes I remember my old self and giggle because that person is like a high school friend I lost touch with 10 years ago.



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