Capturing Milestones

Mums are obsessive about milestones. Unnaturally so. Because it’s not only an incredible accomplishment for your child, but for you as parents too. To know your baby is ‘on track’ and ‘doing what they are meant to be doing’ makes you feel warm and fuzzy down to your toes. From making eye contact to holding a spoon. Popping a tooth to grabbing your nose. Rolling over to smashing the toy piano keys. It’s all equally insanely mind-blowingly beautiful.

Here’s Jack sitting up unaided age 6 months.


I document all Jacks milestones with Polaroids. Some are not strictly ‘milestones’…….such as ‘first shoes’, but most capture an incredible developmental peak in his life. I write the milestone and date under each little image and stick them on my fridge. Despite double doors, the collection is getting out of hand so I need to investigate a pin-board that would rock in his nursery. Ideas welcome.



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