Moments to Breathe and Reflect

Being on holiday is a good time to reflect on your life and everything that having a baby has meant.

While Jack was napping in the middle of our bed, I would sit on the balcony over-looking the white-washed houses, startling pink bougainvillea flowers and glistening blue ocean and think my thoughts. Mostly good of course, how lucky and grateful I am to have this beautiful life and healthy baby boy. But also to reflect on my journey to this point. Life is never easy. Almost a year to the day we were here before, in Santorini, right after I had lost our first child at 11 weeks. As heart breaking as it was then, to be back here, in the sunshine, with Jack, was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed.

FullSizeRender (5)

Jack turned 6 months while we were here. 6 months seems short and long at the same time. I had been living in China when we conceived Jack. I was really unhappy. Trapped in a miserable job. Every day there was strong air pollution and I worried about mine and Jack’s health. I felt really scared and unsure. After discovering I was pregnant, everything became ‘easy’ Time to leave. So we did. In true Donovan-style we up-and-left with no job or plan or place to live.

My amazing partner in life took care of me and Jack. We landed in London and made our way. We found a home. We lived there with no furniture except a bed for two weeks (imagine me, 6 months pregnant, sitting on the floor eating dinner off a removal box) We hired a car and traveled around from Bath to Bristol, Brighton, Corfe and everywhere in between. I went to four job interviews and landed the role of my dreams. I worked for three months then took off 3 months after Jack arrived. Phew!

And here is Jack, 6 months old and the little miracle that turned our lives around. Because when it’s about him, all decisions are simplified.

FullSizeRender (6)


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