First Swim in Mykonos

Wow, this was very very cool. While I had planned on the first swim being in the ocean, it was reallllly cold and I think a little overwhelming for him. So we tried the hotel pool and it was a huge success! There was another couple there from Israel with a same age baby boy. He was dressed simply in a swim nappy while Jack had his full piece ‘sun suit‘ plus layers of sunscreen and a hat with neck and ear flaps! haha


Once Robbie was already in the pool I passed him gently in. He splashed furiously with his hands and kicked his little feet like a mad man. I was surprised he wasn’t bothered at all with having water in his face. After a few minutes he got the hang of it and managed to kick while holding his head up. Extremely sweet.


The entire experience was beautiful and Jack was so happy all the time. The only crap part was getting him out of the cold wet-suit, dried and into a fresh outfit and nappy – lots of squealing and squirming so move quickly. A little fluffy toweling robe works wonders as keeps them warm while you flap over the nappy and drying their hair.

Swimming does burn a lot of energy – how sweet is this photo!




One comment

  1. Liv's Larder · September 28, 2015

    Love that you’ll be able to look back on all of the memories you’ve recorded! These posts are making me broody! xx


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