Flying with a baby… Mykonos, Greece

While I was rather apprehensive about flying with Jack at just under 6 months old, I was determined to make him a seasoned traveler as soon as possible to ensure we didn’t become trapped in England.

Here’s the truth and tips:

  1. Flying with a baby is exhausting and requires team effort. You have you to hold them the entire time. Jack was passed between the two of us and enjoyed regular scenic walks up and down the isle and smiling at people as they came out the toilet.
  2. You get special treatment from booking to boarding and everything in-between. We went to the front of every single queue – no one even blinks. Everyone makes a fuss and smiles at your baby. It was fantastic.
  3. Changing a ‘full’ nappy in the airplane bathroom……risky. You need extra arms, hands and about 30cm more table. There’s no tip here, just do it and try not get crap on your face or the mirror.
  4. Have a small bag under your seat with wipes, nappy, muslin, Sophie Giraffe and a baby grow. Quick access is everything.
  5. Take a sling. I wore my Bjorn once we checked the pram through so my hands were free to hold passports / tickets while my husband handled the hand luggage and mammoth nappy bag.
  6. Tell everyone at check-in you have a baby and ask for a 3/4 row for only the two of you. It makes a huge difference.
  7. Have easy to add or remove clothing for varying temperatures in airports and on planes / transport buses. I took a hat and hoodie to add over his onesie and crawlers (closed-foot tracky pants)IMG_8881

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