Losing the Jelly

It’s been four and a half months since I had Jack and for the first time I am ready to run again. I had tried and failed previously, not because of any other reason than my body didn’t really feel responsive. Like it was merely the home for my soul. Last week, I ran, 6kms. It felt AMAZING.

I run with the pram (the Bugaboo Buffalo has independent suspension and large wheels) with the wrist strap on just in case for the down-hills. It’s like a zimmer-frame on the up-hills 🙂

Here we are resting our leggies in the shade on Hampstead Heath
IMG_8347I can finally fit into my Gap running / yoga leggings (love the lumo-go-faster stripe) and I have to say, my new amazing Nike sock-shoes (they pull on like a thick sock, it’s beyond fab) which feel like marshmallows.

IMG_8345I added ‘milestone’ as a category for this post because it not only about Jack’s developmental milestones, but about mummy milestones too!



  1. Liv's Larder · August 12, 2015

    You go girl! Love those leggings, thanks for the fitspo X


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