Weekend Chill

I hope you are enjoying our beautiful Summer! Last weekend was so heavenly I am still on a buzz and it’s Tuesday! We had a BBQ and brought out all our baby furniture (how can such small people need such heavy stuff!!! in every room!!??) onto the balcony so we could really settle. Jack was either sitting up and chatting with us in the Stokke, or lying kicking or sleeping in the camp cot. To be honest the effort factor for going out for a picnic or setting up at home feels about the same! You need to carry and prepare the same things!

FullSizeRenderI say weekend ‘chill’ – we all know that there is very little real chilling happening, but it sounds good!

I was ‘testing’ out my Greece outfits (I bought a bunch of loose pretty short dresses from the Accessorize sale) as we have booked two heavenly weeks in September.

I cannot wait, although I am feeling rather apprehensive about our first flight and holiday with a baby! We have been emailing Mykonos pharmacies to ensure they have stock of Aptimil!!!!


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