Mummy Make-Up: Eye Brightener

Since I had Jack I am on the constant search for the saviour to my under-eye bags. There are various products out there, all ranging in prices and formats so it is hard to choose. I am a trial junkie and love buying new products so I thought I would share my experiences and top products for faking ‘awakeness’

Using a classic foundation is always a good option but I am not a fan of full-face coverage. If I feel I have to for a rare night out or work function – this tinted moisturiser from Bobbi Brown is lovely, light and has SPF for daytime (£29.50)

1. Lancome eye brightener (£22) – my Number 1 for brightening up the eye area. It looks flawless and beautifully natural and despite its size, it lasts ages (i’ve had this more than 7 months and use almost daily Monday – Friday) Thick, creamy and soaks in beautifully.

2. Maybelline smooth stick – this is a godsend! Cheap and has a fantastic simple applicator that you just run under and over your eye area. It is creamy but has a totally mat finish which means no shine. It’s cheap enough to have one for your handbag and one at home.

3. Maybelline BB Pure Mineral – if you prefer a cream-based option that won’t cost the world, this is a great choice. It’s my back-up if Lancome has finished and I have a few days until pay day!

4. Bare Minerals bare matt foundation (£15) – my latest discovery. I LOVE the fact this is all natural and gets absorbed by your skin if you are too tired to wash your face (gross in my opinion, but some people do) I also love the fact it gets darker the more you ‘buff’ with your brush as buffing stimulates and warms up the minerals. So a tiny bit goes really far if you keep up with circular motions (prepare for upper-arm wobble) Their website is really user-friendly in helping you find your match from the couch/office chair.

5. Final but good, solid option – Boots Number 7 BB Cream £13.50. Lasts ages as you only use a little bit each time, spreads very well. Creamy texture but not thick like Lancome. I feel it doesn’t last as long, but again, you could top-up if needed.

IMG_8103Yes this photo was taken from my baby changing station 😉


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