The Truth About Parenting

Parenting is a beautiful privilege. That is a fact. But before you become a parent your perception has been warped by the media, celebrities (‘Abby Clancy models swimsuit two months after giving birth!‘) and how your friends share on Facebook (only the perfect moments of clean cuteness)

There ARE beautiful perfect moments when the sun is shining, baby is giggling, the outfit is gorgeous, your house is neat and you managed to Instagram the fleeting moment BUT more often than not your house is not perfect, there are dishes, you have 12 emails and 14 texts to respond to and your white wash has mould on it because you forgot to take it out last night….

Mostly I think parenting is a mix of chaos, exhaustion and wonderful, blissful moments. Sometimes these moments are un-posed, unpolished, full of honesty and oozing with pure love.

A picture says a thousand words:




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