Happy Mornings

The two favourite parts of my day are morning and evening. Clearly because this is Jack-time.

I wake at 4:45am to speed walk around Hampstead Heath with Jack in a sling. He is increasingly alert on these walks which is amazing (when we first started he slept the entire time, so he was like a heavy back-pack) so we talk about the birdies and trees and swans and rab-rabs (rabbits :))

When we get home I have breakfast and Jack lies in the cot and ‘talks’ to me. He has more sounds and gurgles every day. It’s incredible listening to their chatter. While I get ready he watches me move around the room like a little hawk, his beady eyes peering through the bars and his little grin flickering across his face whenever we make eye-contact.

Then we play dress-up. Usually I have bought a new outfit and want to see if it fits. This morning he looks like a little convict in his new ‘Mamas and Pappas‘ onesie (on sale). I love the posh collar and cropped legs.

IMG_7838What’s your favourite part of the day?


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