Yip, I said I would never do it. I also said lots of other things I said I wouldn’t do. That’s called parenthood. Going back on your word for peace/sleep/a shower.

All I can say is that my co-sleeping with Jack crept in slowly without me even registering what was happening. And before I knew it, it had turned into a daily routine which I stuck to until he was 9 weeks old.

Can I also say that the phrase ‘co-sleeping’ should change to ‘baby-sleeping-while-you-lie-dying-of-exhaustion-yet-hyper-alert-for-fear-of-smothering-child’

FullSizeRender (4)My tips for co-sleeping that might lead to you sleeping:

1. buy a Super King size bed. He may be less than a ruler wide, but somehow, you both end up hanging over the edge for fear of smacking him in the head while dreaming

2. Prep the bed before bed time. Place a blanket down to save you having to wash your linen every day (or live with milk stains) plus a clean muslin folded under your pillow (so he doesn’t smother himself with it)

3. Sacrifice one pillow each to ensure the base one doesn’t slip towards him

4. ensure your pillows are nowhere near his head on either side, and ensure he is above the top of your duvet or sheet line.

5. If breastfeeding – as you have to alternate sides to feed (lying down ideally) quickly shift the blanket and muslin to the right side before feeding, so he can simply fall asleep and stay where he is once done.

6. Kiss your husband goodnight before you get into bed, coz you can’t reach him after that!


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