Doing Whatever It Takes

You discover odd ways of soothing your baby once he arrives. Mostly by mistake.

Initially I thought I would scare Jack with my hairdryer (my husband and dog both hate the dryer too) so I ensured he was always downstairs away from the noise when I did my morning blow-dry (yes, even through maternity leave I blow-dried my hair! otherwise I feel like a troll) One morning I was too tired and just switched it on, nervously watching for his reaction.

His little face got a surprised look. Wide eyes, mouth open in a gasp. Body completely still. Then he smiled and stared, fascinated, while I dried my hair. Now this is my morning routine. He smiles and kicks, watching me dry my hair (hopefully his future wife makes the same effort or I think he will subliminally ditch her after this conditioning)


A lot of the time he would fall asleep (OMG!!!!) or he would calm right down if crying. So now, even if I don’t need to dry my hair, my 1,800 Watt Pink Bartonis now a dedicated baby soother. And it’s more comfortable to lie on the bed with the hair dryer on than squeeze into my cold laundry room (he also loves the washing machine or dryer whirring)

Do you have any surprising but useful baby soothing solutions?


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