Giant Bra’s and leggings good-bye!

Well, maybe not totally good-bye to the leggings 🙂

Preparing to go back to work had me dealing with my dreaded wardrobe swap. While I am SICK TO DEATH of my post-birth maternity clothing, I was petrified of returning to my ‘normal’ attire and dealing with new lady lumps.

Truth is – comfort is key in pregnancy and post birth. Celebs in their heels are faking it. They are dying on the inside, trust me.

My preggy work attire was either a dress or pants with huge belly band and long cardi.



My maternity looks generally fitted into two distinct areas:

1) New Mum – Leggings and fitted or floaty top combo with flats / boots / ankle booties. (+ giant comfy nursing bra)

2) Sporty Spice – yoga pants, tight top, hoodie, cap, lumo pink Air Max trainers. (+ giant comfy nursing bra)

My work clothing consists of fitted short dresses with heels, skinny cropped trousers with floaty tops and blazers. Not much room for the new layer of lard. Therefore, sorting my clothing made me face up to my new ‘shape’ and try to find things to fit while I am working off the jelly.

Here’s my pile of ‘discarded’ pregnancy and some post-pregnancy clothing:

IMG_7019I didn’t need three $80 dresses from Isabella Oliver. Two would have been fine. The giant bra’s are essential, mine could have hosted a Cannes foam party. I do also miss those boobs! The enormous striped nightie – while I will miss the comfort, has to go! The rest is just loads of leggings (some from H&M, Mama & Papa, Jojo Maman Bebe) feeding bra’s, trousers with attached belly bands, stretched out tight tops and a couple of ugly trousers I never wore (whoops)

Feels like a relief to let go of these things, but the relief is followed by the anxiety of getting back into shape. arrggggggg


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