First Fathers Day!

Our first Fathers Day was incredible. Jack was two days old for my first Mothers Day so that was all a bit of a blur. But Fathers Day yesterday was beautiful. This post is dedicated to my amazing husband.


Not only does Fathers Day emphasis how lucky you are to have a healthy baby, as a new parent you suddenly feel like part of some special club – seeing all the signs for free dads breakfasts, rows of ‘superdad’ cards filling shop windows and ‘Dad and Me‘ matching sock sets on every homepage. Suddenly it’s relevant to you and it feels so good! I love any excuse to buy presents for my husband, he is a man of simple tastes and doesn’t need for much. But I knew he needed a tool box – what a great present for the man of the house! and from Jack, ‘Mr Strong’ Mr Men book of course 🙂


For me personally it made me extra grateful that my husband is such a great father. I knew he would be good but he has blown it out of the park. He is a full time daddy, taking care of my son every minute of the day until I return from work. But he doesn’t just take care of Jack, he adores, talks, laughs, plays, fusses and generally relishes every single waking moment. He plans his little outfits, is constantly dabbing away drool and ensuring maximum comfort with blankets and toys. He makes up baby games (Baby Ninja – see screen shot) and has always takes a copy of The Gruffalow when he leaves the house just in case Jack wants a story on the bus.


Here is the ‘Manny’ (man nanny) bag – he refused to use mine which I thought was unisex (clearly not) and it is organised to perfection. He is like quick-draw-Mcgraw with pulling out the relevant item, mixing a bottle with one hand while bouncing Jack on his knee with the other.


Dads Breakfast in Mayfair 🙂

He deals with the yucky side of things like a pro, always finding the funny side and never ever losing his cool.


No matter how he is sitting, he is always touching Jack

IMG_7176I love my husband, but when I see him with Jack the love I have got massively deeper and stronger. More than I could ever have imagine or hoped. I love you Big Daddy xoxox



  1. KatyLouBlog · June 22, 2015

    Lovely post, I’m glad your husband had a lovely day, it sounds like he deserves it! X


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