Baby Shower

A baby shower is a beautiful thing. Not only does it help you stock up on the necessary (and lovely-yet-not-so-necessary) things, it makes you feel loved and supported. Which is critical. Because you are likely feeling overwhelmed about the impending birth and like a huge whale navigating life without seeing your feet or the pavement in front of you.

My best friend was happened to be in town on business from South Africa (bonus!) and everyone else managed to fit in around her. I received mostly lovely-yet-not-necessary gifts, much to my delight (I have connections at P&G, so wet-wipes / nappies / non bio washing powder etc. come in at cost)

IMG_4168I drank tea (while they drank wine – JEALOUS) shared a huge roast and of course, chocolate brownie for dessert (not shared!) at The Alice House in West Hampstead (very child friendly!!)

I took a picture of some of the gifts all wrapped beautifully in baby boy colours. I love remembering that feeling of opening presents for a child I had yet to meet.


Here I am with my Build-a-Bear, from my mum 🙂

IMG_4148Where did you have your baby shower and did you have a gift registry?


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