Picnic Time!

When the weather is good, run for the hills!

As I am on my last week of maternity leave I am literally running around like a crazy person maximising every precious second. So when the sun came out today I literally bounced out of bed and hustled my family up a hill. (via M&S for naughty snacks of course) and plonked us under a big tree.

IMG_7025Have you noticed how obsessed with umbrellas you become!? I have one on the pram AND a big golf one for when I took him out the bassinet to feed him juuuuust in case a sneaky sun ray touched his skin (kidding – am not that crazy!) Vitamin D is vital (and rare in England)

Jack loved staring up at the moving trees. I loved eating two Mr Wippy soft serves with flakes (yes, two, get over it)


This is Hampstead Heath xoxox


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