Summer Loving

While it’s beyond lovely to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors with your baby, one is constantly adjusting and readjusting hats/clothing/blankets/my chair/umbrellas/feeding angles etc to prevent over-heating and sunburn.

My tips for a sunny day out such as a picnic, walk in the park or drinking in the sunshine at a country pub:

1. Baby sunscreen (remember to test a small area the day before in case of rash or allergy) I use Soltan £4 at Boots

2. A large soft muslin which can cover a car seat, pram opening or drape over your shoulder while feeding.

3. Try get the seat in the shade, if not possible or desirable (we all need to get a tan!) ensure the sun is behind you so your shadow covers baby if holding him.

4. Regularly check his temp by placing your hand on his chest. My sons cheeks suddenly went very flushed which made me realise I needed to move into the shade!

Quite frankly it’s easier, if you have an outside area, to chill at home in the sun with all your baby crap within reach. I go inside to feed where it’s cool and calm, and let him lie and kick in the fresh air in the camp cot (mothercare) which he loves. I use my foam changing mat as a mattress! And we hooked up our brolly for shade. He loved it and fell asleep there.

IMG_6940Any tips of your own to share?


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