Pram Trolley

I never imagined my custom £1,000 Bugaboo Buffalo would become our family shopping cart.

In the beginning it really annoyed my husband (understandably) because I always insisted on Jack being in the sling and bringing the pram as a ‘back up’ if I got tired (never). As a result, the pram has becomes the coat rack, shopping trolley, drinks station and zimmer-frame on those days you simply need to hold on while walking.

I have actually seen women and men who pop to the shops with only the pram and no child – highly amusing.


I must admit though, it is extremely handy because you never need to carry your coat or shopping bags or anything ever again. (this should be listed on the Bugaboo website)

This was the pram after a visit to Ally Pally Farmers Market



One comment

  1. Andrew Thain · June 8, 2015

    I like the looks of disgusted bystanders as you push a trolley full of wine as your toddler is carried in the ergo.


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