Things that make you go ahhhhhhhh

While I find myself consumed with sterilising, washing, soaking, folding, burping, singing, praying, creeping, sleeping, breastfeeding in a handicap toilet (don’t ask)…..there are little moments that make me smile and feel warm all the way down to my toes.

My absolute favourites:

1) The washing line: There is something so amazing about all the tiny little cute outfits, bibs and socks. I line them all up and stand and stare for a few seconds. I know how fast they grow so I drink it in.

FullSizeRender (17)

2. The midnight grin:

Jack still wakes around midnight, not always for food, sometimes he just wants to see me and goes back to sleepy slumber. But that glorious moment when I peer over the cot, he sees me, takes a moment and breaks into a toothy little grin makes me want to scoop him up in my arms and squeeze him.

3. Hearing my husband guffawing with laughter downstairs: 

I’m lucky as my husband has his own business so he is always around to help. He has this delicious booming laugh that spreads throughout the house like happy thunder. No matter where I am, it makes me laugh out loud. Sometimes it’s because Jack has made a funny series of expressions, sometimes because he was playing aeroplane and Jack threw up all over his fresh shirt. It’s just too delightful for words.

4. Seeing my dog lick my babies feet:

My beautiful staffie is so sweet and gentle with Jack. He knows he is a baby and becomes very shy and soft around him. He often sits at my feet while I am bathing or feeding Jack and licks his little feet whenever he can reach them.

FullSizeRender (19)


5. The milk drunk upside-down baby:

One in every 5 feeds ends up with the ‘drunk’ baby. This is when they are so unbelievably satisfied and tired they flop backwards tipping their head upside down. Their hands rest by their ears and their breathing is heavy and steady. It looks like utter bliss.

7. Fairy-tales:

You don’t really read fairy tales between being a child and having a child. So re-visiting your favourites is just incredible. The stories and characters igniting a time of pure imagination. I love the old classics like Puss In Boots and The Little Mermaid, but am also starting to enjoy the newer ones like Gruffalow. Story time is a family affair, my husband makes the request, I read, they both sleep. I often keep reading after both have nodded-off because I have to get to the end!

IMG_65898. His feet:

Could you ever get used to seeing these little perfect toes? They literally bring tears to my eyes. Especially when he sees my face and his giggle spreads down his body to his feet and he kicks with joy. Pure happiness.




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