Play Date at IKEA anyone?

Just like everyone else, I love/hate IKEA. I believe in some select staples like the Billy Bookshelf, select kitchen implements, shower curtains, plant pots, draining racks and plain linen.

That said, I visited IKEA yesterday for the first time as a new mum, and was pleasantly surprised. Firstly, the food area was heaving with mums, prams, children, chicken nuggets and ketchup. It’s half term and clearly IKEA is doing whatever it can to keep you there as long as possible. And they have a good thing going.

They even have a ‘children’s food warming area’ with microwaves so you can bring your own food or milk and warm it up.

There is a circular play area with touch screens where children can play interactive games (not sure how I feel about this – most of the games involved colouring in IKEA children’s furniture so it’s rather like subliminal advertising)

Over-all it’s extremely noisy, so you don’t feel bad when your baby screams. Although I would personally rather poke my eyes out with hot needles, I can empathise with women who bring their children here for lunch. It’s safe, clean, spacious, has cheap tasty food and is comfortably noisy. Children also love touring IKEA because they can happily climb all over the furniture. I actually saw a toddler asleep under the duvet of a single bed.

Another surprising IKEA bonus, the toy section. While most of it is pretty standard, there are a few gems worth searching for. I just love this gorgeous car set (LILLABO £10) They have a really cool retro/modern design and the fact they can be taken apart and re-built and the combination of wood and solid shiny plastic make it a great quality toy.


I also love toys that look great on a shelf 🙂



  1. littletravellerthings · June 3, 2015

    I also have a love/hate relationship with Ikea. I go in for one thing and come out with everything! It’s madness! 😉


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