Running for my life

I went for a Shellac mani pedi yesterday, not realising I needed to add 35 minutes onto the time due to having a french manicure. This meant my carefully timed precision feeding routine went out the window. I prayed Jack would sleep through or my husband would be able to distract him for long enough.

Then I got the message as the beautician was applying the final coat ‘do you need me to give him formula?’

Now, I am reducing my breastfeeding and introducing one formula feed a week until I go back to work, but I need this it be beautifully managed so I don’t get mastitis or dry up too soon.

Thankfully Shellac dries instantly so I paid and literally ran. I ran for the first time since giving birth. Note I was holding an M&S bag with one Hello Magazine, a small bag of chocolate buttons and two lemon cheese cake slices. Let’s just say that it wasn’t only the lemon topping that wobbled and fell off its base by the time we reached home.

IMG_6336PS Jack had fallen back asleep since I started running. So my milkshake wasn’t even needed.


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