Freebie Packs

Every country is different regarding what sort of things you get given while pregnant or at the hospital post birth. The UK is pretty good with baby bags of things like samples and guide books. As new mum you are desperate for samples. There are two main ones:

1) Bounty (club) – you get a free pack in the NHS during a routine check up while pregnant from 34 weeks. In addition to one or two little samples, the Bounty Pack is more about information. Immunization guides, how to breastfeed, numbers to call and stick on fridge, understanding different types of babies cries, how to bath / feed / burp baby, an info card on the Mumsnet community and how to join, location of your nearest ‘drop-in’ clinic, health visitor contact details etc. Plus you get two little reading books for baby which is quite sweet. Those ones with 2 inch thick pages and giant primary coloured characters and fuzzy bits to touch. Best of all, their website is pretty good. Visit it here

The thing with Bounty is that it continues. If you register by completing the form in the pack and posting (free) you can pick up more packs in Boots or Asda that link to your child’s age and development, which is thoughtful. Be aware that once you fill this in, you now get emails, sometimes daily, from Boots selling you stuff linked to your babies age. Useful or criminal? I can never make my mind up.

2) Labour Information Pack – which you get given at your local GP from 34 weeks (I got mine yesterday, better late than never haha)

FullSizeRender (16)Ironically I have ended up using Pampers Sensitive Wipes and nappies, as well as the Fairy non Bio washing gel anyway. I do love the Dettol Wipes and now plan to buy these going forwards. I have always been a hygiene freak and I like the idea of wiping all services and things Jack can touch with anti bacterial wipes.

Personally I think this is a hugely under-tapped market. New mums are desperate to try things but baby stuff can be expensive. Samples are everything. More brands should link into mummy databases and send product samples. 99% of new mums will hand over their email address for a sample pack or guidance book. Once you find something you like you never ever change when it comes to your baby because they are so sensitive. There is a small window to be the chosen brand in this moment.

Any freebies that influenced what you then started using regularly for your baby?



  1. Andrew Thain · May 24, 2015

    Yeah the pack my wife got was pretty epic but we’re lucky in the private healthcare we get (in Bangkok). It still didn’t really prepare us for what was to come 🙂


    • MediaMogulMum · May 25, 2015

      That’s true! I actually lived in Bangkok for five years – near Bumrangrad on Soi 2. SO true about not preparing you anyway haha


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