Beauty Routine: Before & After

I used to take one full glorious hour to get ready in the mornings, sometimes longer. Oh how that has changed!

A long, hot shower (imagine creamy lather, pomegranate body scrubs, cucumber face masks, shea butter hair treatment, fogged up windows and mirrors) ‘All About that Bass’ blasting from my wireless mini speaker via Spotify. A bright pink berry smoothie on the bedside table. Toast and peanut butter. Hot milky tea in my Princess mug. Topped off with a relaxing blow dry while reading mailonline with my IPad resting on my lap.

Pre-Baby Face and Hair post shower care:


Post baby face and hair post shower care: (note – one pot is day and one pot is night cream)

IMG_6321I never ever don’t shower twice a day. Nothing stops me. I am obsessive about it. I cannot leave the house without showering or even start my day spent entirely at home. I also can’t get into bed without showering. Getting two showers in with a new born is beyond challenging but when you are determined you make things happen.

I once got a doctors appointment with 20 minutes notice (Jack had a fever and they could slot me in almost immediately at the practice around the corner)  and managed to shower, change, put on mascara, put Jack in a fresh outfit and stuff him in the BJorn. I even made it with 5 minutes to spare.

Babies really make you realise what is most important:

Showering, mositurising and mascara.

What have you refused to cut from your beauty routine post baby?


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