The People We Meet

I have joined all sorts of Mum clubs and forums. I even set up my own ‘mummy meet and greet‘ in order to make friends in the same situation. But it seems the best women I have met have been by chance. My biggest regret and one I aim to remedy, is to be bold enough to ask for their phone numbers and keep in touch. Because when you make a connection, you need to hang on to it!

1) Dutch lady of 5 week-old Olivia in Windsor Park who admitted to having a cabbage leaf on left breast for mastitis

2) Blond lady in Gospel Oak baby weigh-in with a 6 month old girl not interested in Tummy Time

3) 75 year old Elizabeth, mother of 1 and grandmother of 4 and maker of dog treats containing peanut butter who told me about how children should learn from nature, not mobile phones and IPads (I agree)

4) Preggy Yoga lady – Always a good way to meet women, pre-natal yoga! You quickly spy out who is the same number of weeks along as you and latch! I am happy to say this one I have kept in touch with and we write to each other all the time on WhatsApp and often meet on the Heath for baby walks in the sun.

5) Sling-loving hippie mummy on Hampstead Heath who came up to me while I was wearing my ‘rhubarb and custard‘ sling (below when Jack was 4 weeks old) This sling was lovely from 1 – 4 weeks old when he was under 3.5kgs. Once he hit 4kgs I switched to the Bjorn because I got back ache from the uneven spread of weight across my shoulders.



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