The following does NOT count as ‘me-time’ despite what you might read online in forums on advice boards

1) Taking a shower

2) Going to the toilet with the door shut

3) Reading a page of a book in bed

4) Doing the laundry while baby sleeps

5) Doing anything with baby – even if he’s sleeping soundly in the next room (as your left eye flickers)

6) A phone call that lasts more than 2 minutes to a midwife, health worker or your GP’s receptionist

7) Getting a few hours undisturbed sleep while a friend or family member watches your baby. This is survival, not luxury.

8) Catching up on chores

What DOES count as ‘me-time’

1) Getting your hair did

2) Getting a mani pedi or facial or massage

3) Having a delicious creamy latte or hot chocolate in a cafe, alone (evidence of my first one at 4.5 weeks post birth)

FullSizeRender (15)

4) Watching at least two back-to-back episodes from your favourite series (W1A, Real Houswives, 16 and Pregnant…)

5) Going for a long walk, sitting on a bench and people watching. I love doing this and watching other mums with babies. I look at their clothes, hair, pram, baby clothes, eye bags…..Add sandwich for hot coffee if required.

6) Baking or cooking something that makes you happy. Not baby food or a family dinner. Something yummy and special like cupcakes or mini pizza’s. Rock those candy-striped oven gloves girrrrl!

7) Any hobby type activity that you love whether it’s hand-making Christmas cards, gardening, pottery…anything that feeds your soul

What are your favourite ‘me-time’ moments? Or are they still a pipe dream?


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