Accidental Routine

Don’t freak out, I do not, I repeat, I do not have a real routine. And people that tell you they do at 9 weeks are big fat liars that should be lined up and shot for making the rest of us feel inadequate. OK harsh. Maybe some people do. But those people are not welcome here.

Anyway, I just realised, for the first time since having Jack, that I have accidentally ended up with some sort of a routine. I did not try and follow any advice, nor did I YouTube ‘baby routine ideal day’ or any crap like that. I simply realised that Jack has to fit into our routine. Which makes more sense to me as we are the adults after all.

Here is where we have ended up so far, through no clock-watching or nazi-organisation charting I assure you:

6pm Bath time before dinner

6:30-7pm Kicking time (naked if warm enough to help air the little rashes they get) while we eat dinner

7-7:30pm Tummy time on Dads chest or this funny little standing game they play where my husband holds his little hands, he straightens his legs and proceeds to vomit milk down my husbands shirt in massive grinning excitement.

7:30pm up to bedroom. Change him. Place in cot. Music mobile on. Jack dances and gurgles while we shower and get ready for bed. This is one of my favourite times of the entire day. Hearing him laughing while I get to put on my creams.

8pm-9pm we read. I feed. Dummy in and out. Play time. Hold him. Lay him down. Hold him. Lay him down etc.

We all sleep until around 11pm. Feeding time.

2:30/3am Feeding time (I read Mailonline on my IPad)

4am I express one feed so my husband takes him at 4am after he goes to the gym (yes, he gyms 3am-4am) and keeps him until around 7/8am. This is the blissful three/four hours I get my mummy super-powers back.

I get up at 7/8am. Have breakfast. Feed Jack, express one feed into a bottle. Shower.

9am we head out for the day on some adventure. Like today’s trip to Hyde Park (I walk at least 5kms a day)


Aim to be back by 4pm latest otherwise we die of exhaustion. We often make this mistake and do die of exhaustion. Then we skip the bath and head straight to bed! haha

I know that once I am back at work (one month to go!!!!!) we will have to re-set this entirely. Also weekends will be different to weekdays whereas now we can repeat the same sort of plan every day. So who knows. But for now, we are kind of getting into the swing of it.

What are your ‘routines’?


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