Scary baby things you get used to….

Sort of….
1) Startle reflex. Where they act like they are falling. Shocked little face, Arms reach out. Body stiffens. Often followed by crying. Often happens in their sleep and often wakes them up.

2) Babies don’t breath consistently like adults. Sometimes they stop breathing for a few seconds (you will die of panic) sometimes breathing is heavy and laboured. Sometimes it’s quick and fast. Other times it’s so light their little chest barely moves. (horrific) All the above are totally horrifying but normal.

3) They often choke after a feed. It’s only on milk so no real panic. But hearing and seeing them choking is horrible. Turn them on their side and gently pat their back. That’s all you can do.

4) They gag on the dummy – sometimes. Makes you feel bad because you are the one putting it there

5) They cry real tears from about 5/6 weeks. It is heart.breaking. to see them streaming down your child’s little face

6) They scream so hysterically sometimes they go bright red and stop breathing with an wide open mouth for a few seconds

7) Babies have nightmares. Don’t ask me what they can possibly have nightmares about when nothing bad has ever happened to them. Perhaps they are dreaming of their milk running out?

8) Babies can wake up screaming in heart-stopping shrill horror. Often very quick, high-pitched and over within one screach. But it’s all it takes to wake you up and stop you falling asleep for a while longer. Just dive into the cot and comfort them.


8) They stare at a spot on the wall behind your head and giggle. You are convinced there’s a ghost there

10) They twist and writhe when they have gas (or stomach ache) or are stretching after a sleep. They are little contortionists. Just lay them flat on the their back and let them twist it out.

11) They bite your nipple. If you cough or sneeze (or someone else does near-by) or there is a loud noise while breastfeeding and they get a fright, prepare for a clamp-down. They don’t need teeth to cause your own silent open-mouth scream.

12) They get angry and attack. While breastfeeding they may kick the other boob and punch / scratch your chest. Usually to punish you for taking too long to get them there in the first place.


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