Some of My Favourite Things

Like the song, here are a few of my favourite things since having Jack (he’s 8 weeks old today!) Some are practical and some are frivolous. After giving birth and dealing with a newborn, we need a little frivolity.

Baby ear-buds. You don’t realise it, but babies ear holes and noses are super teeny tiny (what you imagined would be small, is smaller than small, trust me) I dip them in clean water before using.

FullSizeRender (6)

Polaroids – I love my Fuji Film Instax Mini camera (£69) I am creating a ‘memory box’ for Jack when he is older and have taken a photo of him with each family member. They look so gorgeous in this format and it feels lovely to have an instant pic. I often give them to friends when they visit as keepsakes. They are currently on my fridge door along with the Scrabble magnets I thought would be fab for encouraging a love of words.

FullSizeRender (5)

Super cool Petit Bateau grey trousers (£28). I put them over his onsies and they take any outfit to another level of hipster heart-felt cute-trendy. While expensive, I love having a few signature pieces to mix and match.

FullSizeRender (7)

Braun baby ear thermometer (£30-£55) – baby temperature must be between 36 and 37 degrees. 37.5 keep a close eye, once it hits 38 make your way to the GP or A&E. This works really quickly which is good because babies don’t keep still, especially when something is shoved in its ear.

FullSizeRender (8)

Preggy Pillow – 5 ‘benefits’ – heaven for helping you sleep on your side when maneuvering a big preggy belly. Comfy to sit on once you have given birth (especially if you have stitches). Wonderful for propping up baby when doing chores. Great after a feed to help with reflux. Support when breastfeeding. Best £26 ever spent! Mothercare (the cover has a zip and can be machine washed – baby vom gets everywhere)

FullSizeRender (9)

Nipple Cream – the best is Bepanthen  (£5.79) – it’s marketed as nappy cream but rather buy a cute bum butter and keep this for yourself. (Although honestly, nipple guards offer best protection)

FullSizeRender (10)

Olive Oil bum balm. Hand sanitizer (for late night nappy changes) Sudocrem – for nappy rash or any little sore skin creases such as the little folds in the groin.


HumidifierVicks mini. Fantastic for baby with a blocked nose, which they get often. In fact, they get 8-10 colds in their first year! As they can’t blow their own nose, it’s hard for them to feed or sleep. This gem saved my life. It has a quiet ‘white noise’ low hum which baby likes. The only potentially annoying element is the green glowing light on the dial. I don’t like a pitch dark room so it’s fine with me. When he moves into his own room it will double as a soothing night light. But for sensitive sleepers it could be annoying (£49.99) Sold in Argos, some Boots Stores & John Lewis.

FullSizeRender (12)

Electric Breast PumpMedela Swing. Many friends before me made the mistake of buying manual pumps to save money. Simply not worth it. Medela is fantastic. However it is expensive at around £160. You can find second-hand ones on eBay and Amazon. I wish I had bought the double-pump fitting so you can pump both breasts at the same time, that said, one doesn’t need to totally transform into a cow. And after 7 weeks, I can now pump while breastfeeding, how’s that for super skilled!?!


Milton Portable sterilizer – with velco strap. This is great for days out if you carry a dummy or nipple guards. The velcro strap means it’s always easy to find in your nappy bag when all hell is breaking loose. Buy the sterilising tablets to keep things clean on the go. I love it to bits. (£6.99)


Cot friends 🙂 Although he doesn’t seem to give a toss about them yet, I like looking at them.


Bath tub with plug hole and soap holder (£12.99) I think it will be too small by age 6 months as his feet already reach the bottom when he straightens them. Foam support to stop him slipping around £7.99. Both Mothercare.  I add two drops of olive oil to his water instead of soaps.


Tommee Tippee microwave sterilizer. I bought a set including bottles, dummies etc check Mothercare deals.


Winnie The Pooh cot mobile (£19.99) While cute it’s not that great. The wind-up dial is super loud and is kind of stiff. Also the song (Twinkle Twinkle) only lasts three minutes. So you are constantly getting up to wind it. While Jack finally loves looking at it (from 7 weeks) I suggest looking for a longer playing one.


Keep these handy, especially in the first few weeks


Nasal spray – saline, to help clear blocked sinuses. And the snot-sucker. So so so gross and is 100% my husbands baby duty. I cannot cope with the process at all. Get both at Boots or any pharmacy.


Stokke Tripp Trapp (£159 for base + £79 for new born seat) Currently a storage device as you can see. I just love it. It looks great in the lounge, like a design piece. They do come in bright colours but I love this subtle cream tone. As baby grows you buy different fittings for the seat. Next size seat £47. Gorgeous.


Cute soft blankets and a giant muslin for summer. The muslin also covers you when breastfeeding in public and covers the pram or car seat or make him a nice cosy space. Both Zara.


And something for you!!! I love this limited edition Queen Bee ‘Honeylicious’ balm. Because all mums are queen bees!

FullSizeRender (11)

What are your favourite items you cannot live without?







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