Toy Storage

How utterly gorgeous is this customised toy storage bag!! Super cute.

The same design comes in a light grey which is also lovely. I am considering getting five or 6 of them as his main toy storage when I do his play room. One for fluffy toys, one for wooden toys, cars, farm animals, dinosaurs, Lego and other little boy things. Bag from My 1st Years (£35 including name customisation)


Here it is with some of Jacks first toys. Soft colour blocks – set of four (they all make different noises when squeezed) Toyrus (£12.99). Musical instrument – Fisher Price (gift – so I can’t find the exact one) Zebra grabber- Jelly Cat (£10). Cow – was strapped to a mountain of chocolates from my work colleagues. Rabbit – also Jelly Cat (£16) Big Bear – Build a Bear (bears from £10 depending on how you dress and customise them – this was from my Mum and Dad!)


What storage do you use?


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