Sling Love

I am much more of a sling mummy than a pram mummy. I just love having my baby on my body where I can see him and feel his little movements and heart beat. The pram is fine and it’s useful for when you are going shopping to put bags in, but I think I will use it more when he’s older.


The Bjorn carrier is utter perfection. Feels secure, spreads the weight evenly across your back and can fit from super tiny (around 3.5kgs – just keep their arms inside and not through arm-holes)


I wrap baby in a blanket and ensure there is more at the head so I can make a neck pillow. He falls asleep almost instantly. I often do the laundry with it on 🙂


Bluebell hunting in Bedfordshire.Beautiful RSPB grounds (my brother works there). I love walking in the woods breathing in the different flower scents. I think of all the pretty smells going into Jacks little head.

IMG_5879Greenwich. The viewing area and walk down to the park is very steep, so I would recommend a sling over a pram if visiting. Definitely a good spot for a picnic.


I just love this tree – it makes me think of a children’s fairy-tale where the tree is a witches claw-like hand. The word ‘craggle’ springs to mind! (this is Hampstead Heath)


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