Before & After

I had such a chuckle today when I looked at my bedside table and realised how dramatically life has changed over the past 6 weeks. The truth is, you barely recognise your life, but at the same time, it’s the new normal. Your bedside table represents this change best of all (and your hand-bag, that’s another post to come!)


Reading lamp

Scented candle

Novel – H is for Hawk

Magazine – Hello


Lip balm – Elizabeth Arden



Reading lamp – turned away from bed to avoid waking baby when feeding. Often covered in a muslin to double as night light for midnight/2am/3:30am back-patting/comforting session. Never used for reading novels or magazines.

Candle replaced with; Paracetamol (for me) nipple cream, baby acne (& cradle cap) gel  nasal de-congestion bulb (so gross – you literally suck out the snot) baby ear-buds, small teddy bear (always ignored) nipple guard, nail clippers (the only time to safely cut is when he’s feeding and your’e holding your breath) breast pads to prevent night leakage onto duvet, breastfeeding vitamins, water bottle (breastfeeding is extremely thirsty work, the second he latches, the mouth turns to sawdust) What to Expect When Your’e Expecting book (there are chapters on post labour) and a white muslin (don’t get white if your linen is white)

Note donut pillow – which I refuse to give up simply because i’m not pregnant any more. It’s MY comforter.



Every few days I do a big tidy-up and put it back to ‘normal’ but slowly the baby junk creeps back in. Sometimes it makes me smile (wow, i’m a Mum!) and other times it makes me scream (on the inside – don’t wake the baby!)




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