Every pregnant woman loves this bit. It’s our last chance to be in total control before baby arrives. But like a wedding dress, you think you know what you want until you start looking…..


Do I want a calm serene colour palette that makes me smile slowly. Cool greens, pastel yellows, calming creams? Or do I want fun, playful and bold? Bright primary bursts of colours. Sparkling rainbows. Checkered floor mats? Have a theme, it really helps. But first you need inspiration for a theme, so get surfing.

I came across this beautiful wall sticker set by Oakdene Designs on notonthehighstreet that allowed everything else to fall naturally into place. I love the calmness of the kite, the cool yellow and fluffy white clouds. Everything else had to ‘fit’ in, from the grey nursing chair to the rabbits, blankets and cot.


I won’t lie to you, these bastard stickers are a total nightmare to apply. They come as separate pieces, some are applied front to back and others back to front. Lining up the pieces had me, my brother and my sister in law biting our knuckles and taking desperate tea breaks. This little beauty took three adults FIVE FUKKING HOURS.


I love it, but don’t think for a second you can do it pregnant and by yourself. And imagine you fail to perfectly line up the stars/string/clouds? For the rest of your child’s young life it will haunt you 27 times a day. The horror.

If we move house i’m taking this entire wall with  me.

IMG_4439My Favourite Bed Items:

1. Cot – after much searching (and shock at £350 cots!!) I settled on this simple beauty (Ikea Gulliver $55) and included the linen set (bumper £10, mattress protector £5, mattress £40, mattress pad £14, fitted sheet 2 pack £7.50) I didn’t want to get caught up in the ‘buy-one-cot-for-life-as-it-turns-into-a-bed-then-a-couch-then-his-first-house’ thing. I change my style often enough to know I need to have more flexibility.One cot for life doesn’t appeal to me at all. Nor does £350.

2. Star blanket – from Zara New Born It’s super soft and double-printed so looks beautiful when folder over baby

3. Brown Bunny – Mothercare on sale for £2.50

4. Blue ‘faceless’ rabbit – gift (faceless to make it double-safe for new borns)

5. Cream teddy – M&S £8

6. Winnie the Pooh ‘twinkle twinkle’ cot mobile Mothercare on sale £19.99


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