Bad Advice

Women are never short of opinions when it comes to other peoples babies. Whether it’s an old lady at the bus stop, a nurse, a friend of a friend, a teen-mom in Boots, your step mother….the ‘advice’ just flows

1) Let them cry, it’s good exercise for their lungs. Really? I thought it was simply torture?


2) Put cereal in their bottles to fill them up. Have you seen what cereal does to a bottle nipple? Ruined.


3) Sleep when the baby sleeps. This works for people with a full time nanny, cleaner and a live-in-super-willing parent.


4) Breastfeed baby as up-right as possible to prevent reflux. Good luck with that – I ended up with a posture like Quasimodo and no change in milk slime on my back/sheets/floor/dog/walls

5) He should be wearing mittens! Why doesn’t he have them on? Because I don’t care about my baby. No really, because he pulls them off within two seconds. Like socks, there must be a place in heaven for the millions of single mismatched mittens from babies all over the world.

The best advice? Follow your own instinct. End. Of. Story.


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