Puffing, Panting and Pretending

My entire pregnancy I tried to act ‘the same’ as a non-pregnant person. As if I could do all the same things, no problem snap snap.IMG_4312


Sometimes I even forgot I was pregnant – like the time I ran after the Number 24 bus at 9 months pregnant. The conductor stopped the bus only to lecture me on running while pregnant. Sheepish face. (my bus comes every 4 minutes!)

At work I refused to make any fuss to the point I was often uncomfortable. Ridiculous, but I didn’t want to be treated differently. I delayed going to the printer all day because of my back pain and would do one daily ‘pick up’

At 8.5 months pregnant I had to give an important presentation to a room of clients and agency partners. I had decided to wear white and grey with a pink Chloe fragrance pendant (pictured) which dangles on a long chain. That very morning my baby had shifted and was pressing on my lungs making me extremely breathless. chloe


I attempted to take big gulps of air and hold my breath while speaking for as long as I could before the risk of hyperventilating and passing out set in. My face went red from the lack of oxygen and I could feel my ears and neck flush. At the same time, baby decided to start kicking. Hard. To my utter horror, my Chloe pendant began bouncing across my belly. The entire situation was beyond cray. I must have looked a real nutter panting and gulping with a pendant hopping wildly across my belly!

Eventually I made a joke and everyone relaxed because they all wanted to ‘help’ but no one dared interrupt because I was clearly pretending it wasn’t happening.

My advice, tell people upfront you are breathless, or over-heating, or in pain!  Once I mentioned it, my lovely client recounted one of her worst pregnancy work moments and took the heat off me.


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