Along Came Jack

Hello Everyone!

This is my third blog. My first, bkkgirl, was created to share my four-year experience living and working in Thailand. My second, which focused on fun fashion and lovely shiny things, started in Bangkok and continued through to my move to Shanghai, China.walkinwardrobe


I smile now looking back at these blogs. The first chronicling delicious Asian adventures, the second my foray into style as I sashayed along Shanghai lanes decked out in local designer garb and reflector aviators. The third is quite simply the result of getting knocked up! I returned to London from China and no longer fit any of my fabulous dresses, so I might as well start a new adventure.

My beautiful baby boy is 5 weeks old. I have forced my eyelids open long enough to launch this blog. I NEED something else. Something beyond poop, crying, feeding, pumping, burping, speed-napping, one-handed-tea-making, wet-wipe same-day-delivery ordering, vitamin-taking, laundry hanging, midwife visiting……you get the picture. IMG_4408

Here I promise to be honest and chronicle my experiences in the hopes I make another new or expectant mother laugh and realise she is not alone. To empathise when she thinks she’s about to break in half, or run yelling down the street tugging at her hair and flinging her stretched maternity bra to the curb.

But most of all, to assure her she is not going to break her child. That she is doing just fine. That she will feel like her old self again soon.



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