Reaching for the…..door knob

I know I know. We have heard it all a million times before. They grow so fast!!!!! Well, the first year with a baby is so full of challenges and distractions you barely notice they are getting bigger. You are focused on keeping them alive!

And even after a year they are still small and you mostly carry them. But I took these two pictures just one month apart. I remember showing the first to a friend at work and she said ‘not even close!’ and literally, one month later, the little dude has reached AND turned the door knob.

My advice – takes millions of photos because gems like these are accidental. And I love how his spirit and determination is so obvious.


A few of Jacks favourite things

Once in a while I like to look through pics from my Instagram account (amymediamogulmum) and make a blog post for the top things that make Jack (or me) happy.

#1 The frog plate. He loves it. I love it. Winning all around. (except he smashed it onto the floor and chipped it)

frog plate

His beautiful hot air balloon mobile from Flenstedmobiles which makes the most stunning shadows on the wall


The wobble-based wooden ring stacker! The base is slightly curved so if they knock it gently it stays up-right. From thelittlebabycompanyIMG_2303

His ‘make a wish’ cushion from H&M and the stunning hand-painted wooden maraca from crafts4kids. I love that it has seeds inside and not plastic beads. The sound is so pretty and almost soothing. (star pants from H&M)


Little noisy string hand-held drum and shaker (yes we are trying to make a band) both ToyRus (white polar bear from The White Company)



First Birthday

The first birthday! This is something ALL new mothers obsess about from the minute they are pregnant. I am not sure why exactly, because the baby has no idea and can barely eat whatever you will likely serve, but it’s just a big deal. OK?


Thanks to Instagram and all the amazing mummy bloggers and boutique baby businesses I follow, my obsession was with getting him a Tepee and over-sized helium balloon shaped like a 1. While I managed the balloon,  I also dreamed of pale blue cupcakes, each adorned with little 3D teddy bears, trains and other sweet boy things. BUT, Jacks birthday happened to fall over the 6 Nations…and therefore, my husband ‘won’ Check this crazy out:(sigh)

FullSizeRender The day was a surprisingly huge success. Surprising because every single one of my relatives asked to join in. I had no idea anyone would want to spend a day at a first birthday. But they all came, bearing thoughtful gifts. Of course it helped we booked a pub, which over-looks Windsor Castle AND the sun came out to play (which in England, is miraculous for 13 March)


Here he is, like a little prince at the head of the table while my beautiful family and friends tucked into their roast lunch with bubbles. Jack did smash his chocolate cupcake into his face, hair and Robbies shirt – which, if  you ask me, is essential on a 1st birthday.



First year with a baby – we made it!

I can honestly say this first year with little Jack has been one of mostly utter shock. To be honest I found late pregnancy and birth quite traumatizing and isolating. Despite the fact I have many gorgeous friends who have little children,  it really comes down to you and only you. How you cope. How you handle it. How you heal. No two experiences are the same and no matter how you read / google / question / share – nothing really prepares you.


I look back on this amazing, spectacular, scary, beautiful year with happiness and relief. It takes time to feel like you are back on planet earth. And it takes time to feel like a normal human being again when you walk down the street. I felt like everyone could see how scared I was, how squeezed into my jeans I was and how my boobs ached. I felt like they were thinking ‘where has that fabulous confident sassy woman gone?’

But now I am back. Back to feeling like me again. Back to fitting into my clothes with ease. Back to worrying about ‘normal’ things instead of crazy things like rolling onto your baby while you sleep or a stranger with germs giving him the measles in M&S.

To all those mums finding their way back to themselves, never doubt you will get there in your own time.  And when you finally do, welcome back

Mid Wives from Heaven & Hell

The NHS are incredible beyond words. My entire experience from preggy check-ups to birth and at-home visits were faultless and I will forever be grateful I returned here to have Jack (I was living in China)

There are a group of women called ‘health visitors’ and ‘midwives’ that are tasked to visit you once you have given birth to check on your and your babies health. Which is fantastic. They come on day 2, day 10 and continue to sporadically visit for about two months after which they assess and stop (as long as you are on track with healing and your baby’s weight gain)

One lady, I will never forget, changed my life. I was struggling with expressing milk after having Jack. So much so that he had formula in hospital (they made him drink from a cup to avoid nipple confusion!) and for the first day at home. At a bit of a blur really. The midwife came on day two. She watched me trying to latch Jack and immediately sent Robbie off to buy ‘nipple shields(latest invention are silver shields that heal at the same time) Hey Presto! Jack latched, my milk came in (so to speak) and all was good again. I would NEVER have known about this without her. She didn’t judge me one bit and she sang to Jack when taking off his little clothes (which they hate) to weigh him!

here she is 🙂 love love love love love her


Several other visits flew by with no drama. They weighed Jack. Check my healing. Noted his milk consumption and how many nappies he was going through in 24 hours. Jack had cradle cap so they all had old wives tales and tips for that one! My advice is to use medicated bath liquid and/or prescription cream.

My month three visit went quite differently. This woman was a bitch from the minute she walked in. She demanded we lock our dog in another room. Not a good start. She then demanded that I breastfeed in front of her as if she didn’t believe me when I said all was fine. I refused. She wrote something down. She barked questions at me with no patience or empathy. It was so stressful that as walked out the door my husband said ‘never come back to my house’

My advice – if ANYONE makes you feel uncomfortable or judged in your own home, kick them out (family members included)


Jack Style

It’s been a while since we did a baby style post. Which is great because I have a few gorgeous ones to share of newly discovered boutique baby stores. (this is an addiction)

Here is little Jack, 10 months old. Full head of shiny hair and a little belly – could he be more perfect 😉 The beautiful shirt (igloo) was unfortunately destroyed in my washing machine (I actually cried when I saw the torn sleeve) but the Badger pants make up for it! From Tobias and The Bear which has an utterly drool-worthy selection of high quality animal print legginds. Meet ‘Boris the Badger’ 🙂

FullSizeRender (19)

Looking at these two images taken on different days, I realise my child has a ‘pose’ What a natural! These utterly beautiful super-silky soft (you cannot help rub them on your cheeks) feather-print leggings from Lindex are a must have item. They were a gift from health and fitness blogger over at livs larder (worth a visit!!) I put closed-foot leggings underneath to keep his feet warm.


This pic angle was an accident but totally works!!! Long sleeve shirt, house-print strides and shoes – Zara. I know he doesn’t NEED the shoes, any walking is done inside on carpets, BUT, they are cute and lets be honest, we buy them for us not them!


Had to zoom on on these gorgeous little suede shoes – will do a post on his first real outing in them!




Three things you don’t get used to

There are three baby-related things I never seem to get used to. Each time any of these three things happens, I am utterly shocked.

  1. Projectile vom – Usually occurring at the end of a long day. Baby is grouchy and doesn’t want to sleep. You finally get them drinking milk and watch with inner ecstasy at their drooping eye-lids. The sense that you are mere minutes away from peacefully paging through the latest Marie Claire in your freshly washed linen almost brings you to tears. Then they sit up. Mouth opens. Eyes like saucers. Milk exits like a fountain. A perfect arching white spurt that covers his feet, three cuddly toys, two layers of linen and one designer pillow that you forgot to take out. You sit there for a few seconds realising the task that lies ahead. Changing and cleaning baby (while he gets more and more excited) ripping off linen, pillow cases. Place soiled clothes, linen and toys into washing basket. Re-making bed. Putting in fresh toys. Starting entire bedtime routine over again. Shoot me now. Marie Claire gets another layer of dust.
  2. Nappy leaks – this is a daily occurrence for most mothers. While the nappy fits and you know you put in on right, there will be an inevitable leak. My worst is a fresh outfit, in winter, which means multiple layers, right after changing them. When it seeps through the nappy, onesie, leggings and shirt/jumper you cannot believe the amount laundry a baby can generate before 7am. And can I just ask, HOW does poo get to his belly??? It goes against logic and gravity.
  3. Sneezing when feeding – unlike the other two this usually makes me laugh. Because when I feed Jack food I am prepared for a mess in the first place. That said, when a baby sneezes at the exact second you shove a heaped spoon of mango goop into his mouth, you will not believe the spray-zone. Your walls, face, couch, dog, floor, clothing, shoes, socks (goop loves gaps)… is really rather miraculous and comes without a moments warning. Little tricksters.

Here is a cute pic of my son with his grandma to erase any visual images you have conjured up reading the above three points….you are welcome 😉

FullSizeRender (13)